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  • I have a Japanese Black Pine and what to fatten the trunk on some spots.What can I do?
    33 minutes ago
  • I have noticed in some of my Eugenias that at the bud points there seems to be hundreds of little shoots coming out. Which clearly deforms the bud and makes it difficult to style. Is this genetic or is it a disease. I have had one tree for many years and last season this happened and the tree has now died. It was still in development stages in the ground. I suspect it was the over eager bud development which caused poor leaf development and the tree starved. Whatever the reason for this...
    12 hours 54 minutes ago
    Terry Erasmus Well let us know what the Australians think then if you get any plausible responses. As I mentioned, I also get it but deal with it by eliminating these tips after a while. However I have never noticed dieback. Interesting though.
    3 hours 22 minutes ago
  • Kobus comment on the photo WP_20140727_012
    Hallo Hannes, I like your tree. It has a good base to start with and nice pot to. Do you perhaps more photos of your tree? I also love pines. Good luck with your tree and I hope it will prosper...
  • hannes shared 2 photos in Black pine 1 album
    I gave this Black pine its first styling.I bended the trunk a bit more and wired the branches.I maid a small mistake and cut some growing tips on 1 or 2 branches and was very worried.Now almost...
    View location 4 days ago
    Terry Erasmus Well done Hannes. The initial styling of this tree is great. I would just like to comment that the only task that should be done during dormancy for a pine is wiring. If there are some minor branches which need to be eliminated then that's fine otherwise you want to leave hard pruning for during active growing period. The reason for this is to use the energy which has built up in the tree to produce new buds when you make large cuts. Cutting the tips was a mistake as you mention, the reason you do not want to do this is that you want the tree to build up energy and the way it does this is to develop new candles which produce new needles, which act as energy generators. To help the process along you feed lots of fertilizer, such as BonsaiBoost. In the height of summer you prune this years growth off entirely. The tree will then bring out another set of candles and you should see several buds develop along the branch too. Of course this is the technique explained very coarsly, there are finer points and of course there are different techniques for trees where branch thickening is required or where the tree is weak etc. Keep up the good work Hannes, I look forward to seeing the pine in a couple years.
    4 days ago
  • If anyone is interested in the wound sealant I use, it's now available though my online store:…
    1 week ago
  • Terry Erasmus is friends with Roger
  • Hi all
    I used to be on another forum that just died without explanation.
    My first bonsai, an ugly (shop bought) Ficus ginseng was killed by an unusually early severe frost.
    I have a few wannabe bonsais:
    A year old camelthorn A. erioloba growing in a bucket
    A tiny two year old unidentified Acacia (might be prosopis!!!) growing in a roughly "carved" limestone "pot" - it's only about 6cm tall.
    A 9 month old Witgat (Boscia albitrunca) seedling in a cut-off 2l cooldrink bottle, very slow growing!
    2 weeks ago
    Gerald Randall Roger, contact the Kimberley Bonsai Kai. They may be able to point you in the correct direction. KIMBERLEY BONSAI KAI
    [email protected]
    5 days ago
  • Hi im new to this wonderfull forum , and very glad that with all these experienced members im sure il learn alot. Just one quick questiin i live in vryburg and with your experience are their any courier services that will transport bonsaisnif ibhave to buy anywhere in the country. Vryburg is limited with nurseries and people who do bonsais i dont think anyone here does bonsais and the local nursery doesnt stock bonsai material trees. Thanx Adeel.
    2 weeks ago
    Gerald Randall Adeel, Terry (Bonsai Tree) and Stephen from Stone Lantern are two excellent sources of trees. Imports from Terry and Stephen has really good stock trees. I assume Terry has some of his own masterpieces he may be convinced to sell from time to time. Great foundation to start with. I do not sell trees. I grow a lot from seed and from time to time I just give away some young trees to growers who are fairly new to Bonsai or other growers who need a couple of smaller trees for forests and the like. So I am not a great source of trees, but the other two are. both are also a good source of information to put you on the right track to choose the best trees to set you on your way. I'm not sure if Stephen sends trees nationally.
    6 days ago
  • If anyone wants a weekend of Bonsai, Oyama is having their annual birthday bash tomorrow and Sunday at Bishopsford Bonsai. Contact Brett on 082-9251339 for more information.
    2 weeks ago
  • Kobus comment on the photo Option 2
    This is another option for a windswept tree. I think it is going to take longer to train this tree as a windswept that a informal upright tree. I do like flow and abstract direction changes in...
  • Kobus shared a photo in Corck Bark Elm album
    Option 2
    Good stock from Stone Lantern
    View location 2 weeks ago
    Gerald Randall Further to the comments about Stone Lantern, I spoke to Stephen over the weekend and apparently his mid year sale is coming up near the end of August. He has not yet made a final decision on what he will be lifting this year. I will certainly be there again this year.
    2 weeks ago
  • Sulaiman Galant comment on the photo Option 1
    Freddie has a great wind swept elm, the design looks very promising just remember then you are going for a winter design so the tree will look a bit odd in summer.(^^,)
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo Option 1
    Very nice Kobus! I think you are onto something here! You will make good use of that otherwise challenging 1st branch. I think you could however also still make it into a very natural style with...
  • Kobus comment on the photo Option 1
    Good day. I must admit this is not the design I had in mind when I purchased the tree. But I think this could work. When I showed Terry this tree at the last club meeting he mentioned something...
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo japanese black pine
    ha ha, thanks Kobus.
  • Kobus comment on the photo japanese black pine
    Match made in heaven!
  • Repotting season is here! Elms seem to be first this year, and I'll bet the celtis will be starting soon also. Be sure to get sufficient supplies of soil, drainage mesh and more:…
    2 weeks ago
  • Terry Erasmus shared a photo in Japanese Black Pine album
    japanese black pine
    This was the highlight of my purchases this year in Japan. This Japanese Black Pine is densely ramified and has an awesome trunk. Its the biggest tree I have ever imported from Japan, but it was...
    View location 2 weeks ago
    Brett Simon Very nice Terry
    2 weeks ago
  • Terry Erasmus shared a photo in Terry Erasmus's Photos album
    If your elms look like this then you need to get repotting! It has begun.... endless nights of mixing soil and trimming roots.
    If your elms look like this then you need to get repotting! It has begun.... endless nights of mixing soil and trimming roots.
    2 weeks ago
    Terry Erasmus Gerald I sell LECA in 50L bags for R350. I use it with either imported German peat (also available from me in 20 L bags for R70) or milled bark. I only lift field grown trees every 5 years but for shohin trees it's a good idea to lift them every 3 years or so, this results in smaller scars. I only find my elms doing anything, none of the other species show any sign of doing anything yet. However this sort of thing is very dependent on location so it's not uniform across the Cape for instance.
    1 week ago
  • Terry Erasmus shared a photo in Japanese Black Pine album
    Development of a Japanese Black Pine bonsai tree from seed.
    3 weeks ago
    Terry Erasmus Another rough styling of a pine. This was the first wiring I did on this pine and the goal was simply to get the branches roughly into position. I will continue to feed this tree a lot of BonsaiBoost during the coming growing season. The branches all need to thicken up quite a bit.
    3 weeks ago
  • Kobus comment on the photo image
    Terry, how then do you treat a you pine tree? Let one leader grow unchecked and prune the lover branches to keep close to trunk or do you just let all grow wild?
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo image
    Balancing is all about getting the needles to be of the same length overall and therefore as you say, for trees at an advanced stage of development. Its not only ahcieved through needle plucking,...
  • Kobus comment on the photo image
    With pines I've learned you should balance the energy over the whole tree, this is for developed trees. This is done by needle pluck. When decandeling you get weak buds and vigorous buds.
    You then...
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo image
    Thanks for this comment Sulaiman. It is true that there is some mystery surrounding pines amongst the growers I know. I think the reason for this is as there are some respected growers who have...
  • Sulaiman Galant comment on the photo image
    Hi Terry,

    Is there anyway of creating an article or a progression of a pine on decandling and ramification and pad creation.I know you are trying to this with these progression photo's for us. The...
  • Kobus comment on the photo image
    Okay Terry, I'll follow the Japanese technique and learn it until I've mastered it. I still want to learn from you though.
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo image
    I'm not disagreeing with Ryan Neil, Kobus. I suggested you misunderstood what he said as I am not saying something different. Ryan Neil was taught the same thing as I was taught. My suggestion to...
  • Kobus comment on the photo image
    Terry, I respect your teachings. The information I used was obtained from one of Ryan's videos. Ask yourself one question, If you keep on fertilizing why do you withhold watering until the needles...
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo image
    I think you're a little confused Kobus, easy to do with pines and all the bad information out there. Back budding = ramification. Why would a branch back bud, unless you do something to the growing...
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo image
  • Kobus comment on the photo image
    According to Ryan Neil, decandeling is only used for ramification and reducing needle length, to get shorter needles you want the nitrogen levels to be low when doing the decandeling thus you need...
  • Terry Erasmus comment on the photo image
    Excellant question Kobus! I wondered a lot about that myself. Field grown pines in Japan are not particularily dense inside. Branches which were used for trunk thickening are generally too thick...
  • Kobus comment on the photo image
    Terry, how do you let a tree grow wold for numerous years but still keep it dense close to the trunk?
    I've seen a post on the web where they just leave one sacrificing branch to extend and trim...

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