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About us

Where is your retail store?

Who is Bonsai Tree?

Where do your products come from?

Services Offered

Do you give lessons?

My tree needs to be styled and repotted, can you do this for me?

Are you able to offer talks and workshops on bonsai?


How do I place an order?

Do I need to send you a proof of payment if doing an EFT?

How do Bundles Work?

Can I change the items in the bundle?

Can I buy multiples of the same bundle?

What if I change my mind and only want to order 1 item from the bundle?

Is it safe for me to use my credit card?

Do you use 3D Secure?

Corporate Gifting, Wholesalers and Resellers

Do you sell bonsai starter kits?

I have a retail nursery and would like to resell your products. Do you offer any discount?

How do I place a wholesale or reseller order?


What products are considered restricted items for customers outside of South Africa?

How are orders sent?

How do you pack orders to ensure they do not arrive broken?

Where are you able to deliver?

I am trying to place a large international order but there is no shipping amount?

If I place an order, how long is it before it is sent?

How long does delivery take?

How do I track my order?

I selected the "self-collection" option, where do I collect my goods from and what times are you open?

My order has arrived but I don't like what I ordered, can I return it?

How can I reduce my delivery costs?

Why don't you offer free delivery?

Reviewing and Voucher Rewards

I bought a product and would like to tell others of my experience using it, where do I do this?

How do I write a review?

I wrote a review but did not receive my voucher, what do I do?

How long is my review voucher valid for?

Can I use my review vouchers for any purchases?

How do I use my voucher?

Be part of the Bonsai Tree fun

Do you have a newsletter?

Can I sell on Bonsai Tree?

Can I write for Bonsai Tree?

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