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Carolyn from The Atrium tells us why indoor plants makes her happy and why they will do the same for you too!

Because it’s good to ‘forest bathe’ in your own home

Scientists call it Biophilia, sounds a bit like a stomach illness, but apparently it’s the word used to describe the connection we feel to nature. It’s that transcendent state of being surrounded by open sky and greenery. It makes us feel happier, relaxed and spiritually connected. Remember how good it was last time you walked on an open patch of lawn? Or picnicked under the shade of tree blowing in the breeze.


'Forest bathing' is the new sun bathing


In Japan, the latest ‘Biophilic’ trend is forest bathing or or shinrin-yoku.. Overworked urbanites have started retreating for hours at a time into the forested parks around the city – not to jog, or hike, or do yoga. But just to be.  

According to a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,people living in areas with less than 10% tree canopy were found to be more likely to feel depressed, stressed and anxious.

We don’t even need science to know that being in nature feels great! The problem is, in our digitally connected urban lifestyles, we don’t get into nature enough.


So why not bring nature inside?


Benefits of indoor plants

Plants improve mental health

Being around plants makes us feel good. Looking after plants make us feel even better. Gardening is tangible, it gets us away from a flat screen and interacting with a living breathing thing. We can use our two hands to care for something and watch it flourish. This boosts confidence levels, and plant styling unleashes creativity, problem-solving and dexterity. Caring for a living thing gives us purpose – and plants don’t cry, wet their beds, throw tantrums or need regular walking.

Caring for a living thing gives us purpose – and plants don’t cry, wet their beds, throw tantrums or need regular walking.

Studies have shown that increasing the number of indoor plants reduces boredom. Plants are a source of fascination and wonder, and provide the perfect resting spot for computer wary eyes. They liven up a dull corporate space, bringing a feeling of vitality. Our minds need to be stimulated and one of the best ways is to bring the energy of outdoors, indoors with plants.

In a University of Michigan study, memory retention increased 20% while being around plants, positively effecting learning abilities.

Physical health

There’s good bacteria in plant soil called Mycobacterium vaccae, the bacteria is found in most garden soil and indoor plant soil. It has been found to improve breathing, reducing allergies and asthma, and increasing serotonin levels. 

Plants also release oxygen. This purifies our air, making us feel awake and energised.

Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours

Want to fight winter colds and flu? Plants are the most inexpensive and hottest looking air purifier available!

Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood

If you’re looking for a green fix of health & happiness, try a plant. Just one very minor caveat: plant shopping is highly addictive!