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KIK: 1075

Kikuwa Bonsai Trimming Scissors, 210mm

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These economical bonsai scissors are an indispensable tool in any bonsai artists toolbox.

Bonsai scissors are used for all many of tasks and you may have several different sizes as your collection of trees grow. They are indispensable for cutting twigs, thinner branches and even leaves when you defoliate a tree.

These general purpose bonsai scissors are part of the Japanese made Kikuwa range of bonsai tools. Each tool is packaged in a plastic pouch.

If you have already acquired the basic or all purpose bonsai scissors then a pair of trimming scissors should be next on your list to get.

Trimming scissors perform a more specialist role in that they permit work inside the canopy of a tree or inside foliage pads where twigs or unwanted growth must be removed. The key difference between a pair of normal scissors and these trimming scissors lies in the shape. The shape of the trimming scissors allows this work to be performed without the risk of breaking surrounding branches when the tool is closed.

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