The Little Book of Bonsai

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About the author

Dupuich’s is the top bonsai blog in the US, and #4 on the list of the top bonsai websites in the world. Dupuich regularly tours the country teaching bonsai classes and workshops, and he has been featured in all the
major bonsai magazines.


    This charming, beautifully photographed beginner’s guide from a trusted bonsai expert covers all the basics to keep your bonsai alive and happy.

    Filled with photos of stunning, inspiring trees, The Little Book of Bonsai provides simple, clear, effective guidance on bonsai care, including:

    • wiring, watering, pruning, pests, disease, tools, repotting, fertilizing, and more.
    • covers indoor and outdoor bonsai care
    • selecting the right container, displaying your bonsai, and choosing different species
    • clear, step-by-step photos to help you cultivate your trees with confidence.

    With its stylish, full-color design and fresh take on a captivating pastime, The Little Book of Bonsai makes a gorgeous gift for oneself or for others.


    • 112 Pages
    • 91 PHOTOS
    • 200mm (H) by 160m (W)


    “We have waited a long time for a concise introductory bonsai book written by an expert, and we finally have it. Dupuich’s book has the earmarks of a classic.”—Michael Hagedorn, author of Post-Dated: The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk

    "This well written and beautifully illustrated book covers bonsai care along with authoritative information for creating your own bonsai. Highly recommended for beginners.”—William N. Valavanis, publisher of International Bonsai magazine and founder of the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition

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