Bonsai Success In Southern Africa

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This bonsai book is written by two very well known South African authors for South African bonsai growers. Carl Morrow and Keith Kirsten will guide you through the fantastical world of bonsai from the perspective of a hobby, horticultural practice or art form.

You will find the books content easy to follow and it is written in a manner which will reflect your natural progression in the art of bonsai as your interest grows, and includes those most important steps to keeping your first tree or two alive and healthy, the basic techniques which you will need to know and the skills needed to shape your trees. Advanced skills are also covered as well as the underlying philosophy of bonsai and how to advance in the art.

The very popular species list covered in the final pages of the book act as a guide to the most commonly used trees species in the Southern African bonsai context. These species are also illustrated making it easy for you to identify them.

Bonsai success in Southern Africa is not merely a coffee table book, it is filled with very helpful illustrations, photographs and step by step instructional information.


260 x 190mm


176 pages


+-150 full color photographs and sketches


+- 60 000 words


Softcover with flaps

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