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Butterwort, Pinguicula cv. Marciano

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Pinguicula cv. Marciano, better known as Butterwort, is a popular a kitchen window plant due to its ability to trap fruit flies and gnats. Its leaves possess glandular structures that produce sticky droplets that capture and digest insects. When a bug is ensnared and starts to struggle, more glands are activated and the insect becomes fully encased in the droplets. After digestion of the bug occurs, the leaves absorb the nutrients through small holes, leaving the exoskeleton on the leaf surface.

Mature size reaching up to 2.5cm in diameter. Suited to partial to full sun or a grow light equivalent. You may feed them bugs, dried bloodworms, fish food or diluted foliar fertilizer such as Seagro (2ml/L) every 2-3 weeks. Environment should be of typical humidity. While in its carnivorous phase, provide enough distilled water for the media to remain damp. Reduce watering and allow the media to dry out regularly once the succulent rosette begins to form. Optimal temperature range of 12 to 32 degrees Celsius. During dormancy, carnivorous leaves are replaced by a smaller succulent rosette for part of the year.

Botanical name

Pinguicula cv. Marciano