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Dremel Tool-flex shaft holder

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This handy accessory for Dremel multi-tools very conveniently raises and suspends your tool above your working surface, when using the Dremel shaft attachment.

It ensures that the multi-tool does not suck in dust, or blow dust up from your workbench. It also means that you can work freely without worry.

Features and Benefits

  1. Perfect for use with the Dremel flexible shaft attachment {bought separately}
  2. Clamps to surfaces up to 42 mm thick
  3. Holder adjusts from 300mm to 1070mm in height to suit many situations
  4. Added bonus is that you can store extra bits on the base for quick changes while you are working.

Video Tips on Use

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 0.70kg
  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 9.8 x 9.6cm
  • Warranty: Manufacturing defects covered by standard Dremel warranty


  • 1 x Flex-Shaft Tool Holder