Plant Protection Collection

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I have included three of the most useful preventative and treatment sprays in this bundle, plus the cheapest and least fuss methods of applying them. Each of these I consider to be irreplaceable and are effective against all manner of attacks I believe you may encounter.

Whats included?

Included in the Plant Protection Collection is the following:

  1. Lime Sulphur, 500ml is a very long standing remedy for many pests and fungi. It is strongly advised to apply a treatment of lime sulphur on all trees during winter dormancy (VKL)
  2. PlantCare systemic and contact spray is highly effective against many common pests above (for example red spider mites) and below ground (for example white grubs). (PLANTC100)
  3. SK Eco oil is both a wetting agent and a fungicide. Adding this oil to other sprays such as Plant Care (also included in this collection) renders them up to 50% more effective. It is on its own a good treatment for spider mite also which is a pest on many conifers during summer. (SKECO)
  4. The pressure sprayer attachment is one of our most popular products. It makes the process of treating your trees with sprays that much less effort as you can attach this fully adjustable sprayer onto any plastic beverage bottle. No need to rinse after use, just recycle it. (1899)

If you need more information about common pests and diseases as well as the recommended remedies or measures you can take to both prevent or eradicate them please read my article.

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