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Bonsai Professional Growing Medium

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What is it?

Bonsai trees grow in very small containers with little growing medium for years, so your choice of medium is important.

This Professional Growing Medium contains Peatfor water retention and Leca(light expanded clay aggregate) for drainage. Fast drainage leads to enhanced root development. Roots are forced to grow in search for water. In so doing a fine network of feeder roots form. This network of fine roots, and not the thick storage roots are critical as they support refined, highly ramified bonsai trees.

How to use

Take care with watering as this mix may dry out quicker than what you are used to in summer. Mulch if necessary and after recently repotting using moss, pine bark or any other similar medium or you can add extra Peatfrom our Bonsai range.

As the mix is free draining, fertilizer is not retained. Use solid fertilizers. BonsaiBoostis a 100% plant organic, slow release fertilizer which works well with the Professional Mix.

Bag Contents

30% Peat Moss
70% Leca

If you want to take your bonsai to the next level then I would encourage you to use a  combination of Akadama and Pumice (Hyuga)

Customer Reviews

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    Edward K.
    South Africa South Africa

    Great bonsai soil

    Great bonsai growing soil. Never had a problem with it. All trees of mine have grown spectacularly in this soil. Retains just enough moisture, to not cause root rot and has plenty of drainage. I usually add a fine stone grit to it, for wieght, as here in PE, i can have my trees blowing away. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

    A Bonsai Tree Customer
    Denis J.
    South Africa

    Bonsai Seedling medium

    Well I haven't used it such for seedlings yet. I'm waiting for Spring to plant my Chinese Maples. However I have used it to get some slips growing. Wow how fast they have rooted. I think the structure of the medium is perfect for even this purpose of slipping

    Gustav V.
    South Africa

    Bonsai Professional Growing Medium

    Great overall medium to bring out the best of your bonsai. Correct ratios to ensure optimal root growth and comes with great samples of products. Also price is really affordable. Cannot ask for better service from Terry and his team. Big thumbs up for you guys.

    Owen S.
    South Africa

    Awesome product!!

    Being my first time doing this I was unsure what to choose, I used garden soil with the Professional Growing Medium and it still works very well. My next purchase will definitely include Bonsai General Soil Mix.

    Edward K.
    South Africa

    Bonsai professional growing medium

    Excellent product. Love it. Good drainage and good water retension. Keeps plants moist, but not too much.