Kobayashi Blend, 3-6mm, 14L

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  1. Ideal blend for warmer climates due to high water retention.
  2. Suitable for bonsai, succulents, cacti, specialist carnivorous plants and more.
  3. Mixed and ready to use from the bag.
  4. Consistent particle size = 3 ~ 6mm
  5. Available in 14L bags.
  6. Exclusively imported from Japan by Bonsai Tree.


Akadama a granular volcanic clay-like mineral has been extensively used in Japan for many years. Akadama is unique as a growing medium and is sought after due to its ability for water retention and nutrients due to its high CEC value. However at the same time it provides porosity and free drainage. When fired at 300 deg C hard Akadama retains its shape for longer.

Ezo sand is pumice sand, a lightweight volcanic rock perfect as a soil amendment. Provides excellent drainage and air circulation, the porosity encourages microbial life to thrive. It has a neutral pH and releases various trace materials.

Kiryu is a sharp river sand and contributes to the soil structure by improving and retaining good drainage.

Karuishi or pumice stone enhances water retention, nutrients and oxygen as a result of the particles porosity. It has an essentially neutral pH of 6.

Charcoal aids soil health through promoting microbial growth, both through providing a porous structure with a high surface area on which to seat, as well as providing high-purity carbon for cellular growth. Further benefits are increased moisture and improved nutrient retention (high CEC value).

Blend Composition

  1. Akadama (76%)
  2. Fired Akadama (4%)
  3. Ezo Sand (5.5%)
  4. Kiryu (4.5%)
  5. Karuishi, pumice stone (7%)
  6. Bamboo charcoal (3%)

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