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Venus Fly Trap, 'Whale.' Special Import.

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Introducing Dionaea muscipula 'Whale,' a captivating clone now offered by Diflora. This prostrate Venus Fly Trap boasts lobes with charmingly wavy edges adorned with thick, fringed serrations, setting it apart from the rest.

The plant features bright green-yellow Dionaea prostrata leaves, with trap interiors delicately tinted in pale yellow-red. Its distinctive appearance is characterized by very short leaves and petioles, resulting in a compact rosette-like form.

'Whale' showcases petite yet densely packed and delightfully irregular teeth, adding to its unique allure. With its prostrate shape, vivid green-yellow foliage, and pale red traps, this Dionaea muscipula 'Whale' promises a captivating addition to any carnivorous plant collection.

Price is for a single, potted plant in plastic container. Plant images are depictions only, representative of the species and not necessarily the plant you will receive.