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2mm, Anodized aluminium bonsai styling wire

40 reviews

What is it?

By winding suitable wire around branches or even the trunk of the tree, it is possible for the bonsai artist to create bends which are pleasing to the form of the tree. When the wire is removed some weeks or even months later, the shaped area will remain in that form.

The best time to wire deciduous is in late spring through autumn. Evergreens such as pines and junipers are best wired in winter.

Annealed copper wire is best for evergreens due to its superior holding power. However the material of choice for deciduous is anodized aluminium wire.

Other uses

  • Guy wiring - Wire is anchored at two points, one on the branch and the other at some other strategic point. The wire is tightened and tightened until the desired curve is achieved.
  • Fix drainage mesh - ensures it does not move when the tree and growing medium is placed into it.
  • Securing a tree - freshly repotted trees need to be secured into the pot.
Customer Reviews
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    Wesley S.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai wire

    I am very happy with the purchase and delivery. Thanks

    James h.
    South Africa South Africa
    Quality service provider

    Delivery was quick, no problems, very helpful. Website is easy to use.

    Thys K.
    South Africa South Africa
    Anodized aluminium bonsai styling wire - 4mm

    Good looking, elegant and lightweight, with the right pliability and strength!

    Nicolien J.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Wire

    It it perfect. Just what I needed for my bonsai's

    Dave C.
    South Africa South Africa
    Excellent results from Bonsai styling wire

    I have been hugely impressed with the Anodized aluminium bonsai styling wire I bought from you recently. It is really easy to use and I have been able to reshape two problem trees with ease. The colour of the wire aesthetically blends in and it's extremely malleable yet holds firm when in position.I will definitely continue to use and recommend it. Thanks for the great service!