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KAN: 184240

SUWADA Pliers, 205mm

About this tool

These SUWADA Pliers are primarily used to grasp wood fibres of newly made jin and to pull them to create a natural deadwood effect. They are also used to twist and wind wire around branches or to remove wire from branches. Their precisely aligned tips are suitable for fine work and will enable you to make compact bends by using the technique of bending the applied wire, rather than bending the branch.


SUWADA started producing bonsai tools around 50 years ago with only one type of branch cutter. Responding to the diverse needs of bonsai enthusiasts not only in Japan but around the world, they increased their range of cutters and pliers. All bonsai tools are hand finished by local skilled craftspeople in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan. SUWADA's bonsai tools have achieved the highest reputation among bonsai professionals and enthusiasts around the globe.

Highest Quality Materials

In SUWADA's quest to deliver the most user-friendly tools for gardening enthusiasts, they created the SUWADA Stainless Series. Using the same high-carbon stainless steel utilized custom-made knife making, every item is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. This results in outstanding cutting performance with a long lasting cutting edge and anticorrosion properties.

Feel the difference of SUWADA tools as it comfortably fits into your hand, a hallmark of only the highest quality bonsai tools.




High Carbon Stainless Steel



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Tip: To cut safely and without potentially damaging the tool, the branch thickness to be cut cannot be more than 1/2 to 1/3rd the length of the blade.