All Round Plant Protection


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Bonsai trees are like all living plants and are susceptible to attack from insects, fungus and more. If left unchecked many of these insects can weaken a bonsai to the point where it dies or at the least will prevent you from being able to work on it.

I have included three of the most useful preventative and treatment sprays in this bundle. Each of these I consider to be irreplaceable and are effective against all manner of attacks I believe you may encounter.

Whats included?

Included in the All Round Plant Protection bundle is the following:

  1. Koinor - season long systemic protection against many common pests including for instance white fly which plague our indigenous olives.
  2. PlantCare - systemic and contact spray highly effective against many common pests above (for example red spider mites) and below ground (for example white grubs).
  3. Odeon - a broad spectrum contact fungicide effective against rust, downy mildew and even the dreaded anthracnose.

If you need more information about common pests and diseases as well as the recommended remedies or measures you can take to both prevent or eradicate them please read my article.