ARS Hedge Shears, 630mm


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Stronger blade

Made from thermally treated, hard chrome plated high carbon steel.

Replaceable blade

Damaged or worn blades can be easily replaced; quickly and cost effectively.

Screw retainer

Ensures the accuracy of cutting performance. Easy adjustment with no need for re-adjustment during use.

Shock absorber

Ensures comfortable handling during use.

Ultra-light, durable aluminium forged grip design.

Ergonomic lightweight (only 650g!) design ensures comfortable handling during use.


    This is the most amazing hedge shears I have ever used on my garden trees, and I have bought many hedge shears from leading brands over the years. They are so light you can keep working with them for hours and if necessary almost every component can be ordered and replaced.


    • Unless you are working on really bushy bonsai these shears are a little bit of an overkill.
    • They are however perfect for any garden topiary or hedge trimming in the garden.

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