Azalea "Yama no Hikari"



This azalea is another of the trees imported from Japan in March 2016. It has a powerful trunk with gentle movement and taper. It is clear this tree has been developed for many years as a bonsai as there are no visible cut scars and the branches as well as the apex are well developed.

With azalea the approach to design is primarily about the flowers and providing maximum surface area on the top of the foliage pads for development. This tree will put on quite a show as it, but as the branch foliage pads are developed even further this tree will only improve.

However when not in flower, azalea must still show good design and technique. This tree emobies these qualities as there are no large, recent cut scars where a trunk was drastically shortened. The uneven surface of the tree also shows the age of the tree, as with the passing of time the live veins have created gentle surface undulations.

The azalea has recently been repotted into Kanuma, the traditional growing medium for azalea in Japan, and as such will not require repotting for some time. The pot in which the tree is being sold is a factory made Tokoname pot from Japan.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 370mm

Depth: 350mm

Height: 400mm

A small wooden crate is required for shipping due to the weight and size of this tree. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.

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