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Babiana rubrocyanea, 5 bulbs. Rare and Indigenous.

You are buying bulbs NOT seeds or growing plants.

Experience the magnificence of Babiana rubrocyanea with its 15cm bulbs, stunning stems, and vibrant inky purple blooms featuring a glowing red center. As one of the rare "Baboon Flowers," this geophyte is resilient and tough, thriving on granitic sands in the southwestern Cape. Its impressive bloom period of August to September only adds to its allure.

For optimal results, give this bulb a dry Summer rest and watch it grow in size and produce abundant blooms. This summer deciduous gem will return with the Winter rains and can be sown in Autumn, with the option of planting in a deep pot. Don't miss out on this show-stopping flower, one of the 87 species known for its compact size and distinct pattern. Remember to plant the bulbs 8cm deep for best results.