Bonsai Chisel Sickle

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  • A must have tool if you want your jins and shari's to appear as natural as possible.
  • The textured handle provides extra grip.
  • Handmade and shipped in a plastic sleeve.


This is a high quality tool, produced by hand in Japan for Kikuwa, and is a must have for the bonsai purist who prefers using hand tools to shape their deadwood instead of power tools. The solid metal tool will enable you to rapidly remove wood from even the largest jins on all manner of tree species.


  • Unlike carving chisels these jin chisels are used in a pull fashion which means you will place less stress on the roots of the tree {as no hammering is required}.
  • The carving action is more controlled and safer than traditional chisels.

Sharpen using a fine whetstone such as this.