Bonsai Senior Apprentice Collection


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For someone just starting out in the art of bonsai, but who does not wish to compromise on quality this collection is ideal.

Very similar to the Apprentice Collection, but with higher quality pots and tool. Aside from a quality pair of bonsai scissors we have also included higher quality unglazed bonsai pots, growing media and even hardy bonsai tree seeds. 

What's included?

Included in the Apprentice Collection is the following:

  1. Two 6" (roughly 16 x 13 x 6cm) unglazed medium quality bonsai pots (actual designs may differ from photo)
  2. Japanese made general bonsai scissors.
  3. Drainage mesh sheet to prevent growing medium from escaping through the pot drainage holes.
  4. A bag of 20 sachets of our incredibly popular BonsaiBoost fertilizer.
  5. One roll of 100g aluminium wire.
  6. A 2L bag of our top selling bonsai growing medium, the General Soil Mix.
  7. Two packets of indigenous tree seeds highly suited to bonsai cultivation.

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