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Bonsai Shohin Collection


Bonsai come in many different sizes. Big trees make a big impression but it is the small trees which often get the real attention.

Shohin is the Japanese term for trees on the smaller side. As their growth is very compact you need smaller tools in order to work on them. We have selected the most popular tools for working on shohin bonsai trees.

What's included?

Included in the Shohin Collection is the following:

  1. Plastic turntable, 190mm, with break and textured surface (1385).
  2. Japanese made narrow branch cutter from Kaneshin (KAN6B).
  3. Japanese made Mini bonsai scissors, 122mm from Kaneshin (KAN27A).
  4. Japanese made tweezer combination spatula from Kaneshin (KAN58)
  5. Styling wire, 100g black anodized aluminium wire (100W1)
  6. Fertilizer baskets, 10pc (2651/10)

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*Please note, no tree is included in this collection. If you intend this collection as a gift please note that it is not sent gift wrapped and we are unfortunately not able to offer this service either.