Bonsai Tree Catalogue


If you would like to browse our full product range at your leisure, without having to navigate to all the different product pages then you should download our catalogue.

What the FREE download includes:

  • Full colour A6 catalogue in PDF format which you can read on any device.
  • 35 pages of great bonsai related products.
  • Logical grouping of products which are associated with one another
  • Helpful pages including "How to choose a bonsai pot," "Overview of bonsai tools,"  "Common pests and their remedies" and more.
  • Each product includes price and code, making it easy for you to find online.
  • As we add new products to our range you will receive an email notification so you can download the updated catalogue - forever for free.

To get your free digital catalogue

  1. add this item to your shopping basket as you would any product
  2. proceed through the checkout process
  3. once you have completed your transaction you will automatically be emailed a download link.
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