Bonsai Tree Wallpaper

Model Phone

Want a nice wallpaper with a bonsai theme for your smartphone? Download my free, branding-free wallpaper optimized for your mobile device.

How it works

  • Simply purchase the wallpaper best suited to your phone choosing from the dropdown list.
  • You will receive an email with a download link.
  • Click the download link, preferably on the device you plan on using the wallpaper on.
  • Save the image to your device.
  • Go to your Settings on your device and choose Wallpapers.
  • Navigate to the saved image and select it.

Every time I update the wallpaper you will automatically get an email notification and link so you can get the latest image, and it will always be free.

Kindly note that creating wallpapers for the many different smartphone screens out there is a nightmare, I've done my best but the image might appear slightly different on your screen. If so, some cropping might be required.