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This convenient handle sprayer fits onto a soda bottle so there is no container to rinse each time as is the case with the commonly available pressure sprayers. The great things is that any soda bottle up to 2 Liters will fit with this handle.

This means you never need to worry about contamination or cross contamination when using pesticides or other sprays. Simply store your soda bottles for later use, mix your spray as normal, apply and then recycle the soda bottle.


  • The screw thread is suitable for all regular soda bottles up to 2 Lt
  • The brass nozzle can be adjusted to provide the desired size of droplet.
  • Simple to use and to clean for repeated use.


  1. Applying sprays for the control of plant diseases, insect control and other pests.
  2. It can also be used to apply foliar feeds such as Nitrosol and Hortisol liquid fertilizers.
  3. You may also use this brass handle sprayer to apply disinfectants around the house or other necessary areas.

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