Butterwort, Pinguicula 'Ramon'

Price is for a single, potted plant in a 9cm plastic container.


If you have a small insect problem then Ping's are for you. They are great at catching maggie's, gnats and mosquitos.

Pinguicula, or as they are commonly known; Butterwort, is another amazing carnivorous plant that also uses adaptations to its leaves to attract and catch small insects. When trapped on the sticky leaves, insects are slowly digested. These plants evolved in this manner due to the poor nutrient-deficient soils they are naturally found growing in.

In South Africa, these plants actively grow from the months of October/November till around May/June. The growth habit changes from the larger summer leave to a more compact rosette of leaves made up of smaller leaves in the colder months.

When the plant is old enough it will begin to flower in late winter until early spring. Once flowering is complete these plants change to active growth, and it is then when the summer leaves are produced.

You can grow Pings in a wide variety of positions. A very sunny windowsill, outdoors under some protection (+-40% shade) or terrariums. You need to keep these plants damp at all times using RO, distilled or rainwater in a tray with the plant immersed in 2-3cm of the liquid.

Botanical name

Pinguicula 'Ramon' gigantia x mocktezumiae