Controsoil, 3-5mm

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A good substrate is of paramount importance for any successful aquarium as it must provide vital nutrients in order for plants to flourish and must balance water properties through decreasing hardness/pH for fish and shrimp are to grow at optimal health. Controsoil is an aquarium substrate produced in Japan from high-quality natural soil and volcanic ash.  It lightly acidifies and softens aquarium water creating an environment in which fish, invertebrates such as freshwater shrimp and plants can thrive.


  1. Buffers water to optimal levels (pH of 7) ideal for keeping Caridina shrimp and most tropical fish.
  2. Provides the ideal quantities of nutrients without excess for plants to flourish.
  3. Plants also readily root in Controsoil due to the particles’ porosity and texture.
  4. Rapidly colonized by beneficial microorganisms which absorbing impurities from your water column and providing a healthy environment for livestock.
  5. Add shrimp and fish after only 24hrs of initial setup as Controsoil inhibits ammonia spikes reducing the effects of “new tank syndrome.”
  6. Controsoil will not disintegrate.

    How to use

    Controsoil may be used as a bottom substrate in all freshwater aquaria including those housing ornamental shrimp and fish, not only for plants.

    No prior rising of Controsoil is needed but for the best results first place the substrate into an empty aquarium. Add water slowly using a dish or similar item to spread the water flow minimizing disturbance to the substrate while filling.

    How much do I need?

    • 1L = 4L tank
    • 3L = 12L tank
    • 10L = 75L tank

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