Japanese Black Pine


This Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii) in a semi cascade style, is just waiting for it's new owner to perfect it. It is clear from the mature, plated bark that this is an old tree. There are no visible pruning scars and no long, bare branches which need to be hidden. The already well ramified branches simply need to be wired into position for this tree to realize its full potential.

Potted in a handmade, stamped Tokoname pot.

This Japanese Black Pine was imported in 2015 from Takamatsu prefecture in Japan from the nursery Konishi Shorakuen, and has adapted to our local seasons. Repotting should be done in a year or two at most. 

Approximate age:

45 years


Width: 500mm

Height: 430mm

Depth: 480mm

Measurements exclude the container. 

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