Japanese Black Pine (Yamadori)



This collected Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii) possess the wild styling only nature can impart on a tree after many years of exposure to the elements. This yamadori pine has a very powerful trunk with mature, plated bark ending with a very old and naturally shaped jin. The shape of the trunk will lend itself very easily to the bunjin or leaning trunk styles, whatever your preference. The trunk has good taper and interesting movement with some surprise bends from the nebari at the base to the apex. The foliage mass is dense and only is in need of wiring to create definition in the pads.

With tremendous potential this collected specimen could become the centerpiece of your collection and certainly the talking point at any bonsai exhibition or club meeting.

Potted in a rough, handmade ceramic bonsai container from the world famous Tokoname region ideally suited to this style of tree.

This Japanese Black Pine was imported in 2015 from Takamatsu prefecture in Japan, the traditional home of Black pine bonsai.

Approximate age:

50 years


Width: 650mm

Height: 470mm

Depth: 4800mm

Measurements exclude the container. 

Category: Pines