Japanese Red Pine (Yamadori)



If this tree interests you, please contact me for updated photo's as this tree has completely acclimatized now and has plenty of new, healthy needles so it is ready to be restyled.

This collected Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora) possess the wild styling only nature can impart on a tree after many years of exposure to the elements.

This yamadori red pine has an old trunk with aged bark starting to turn reddish, synonymous with this species of pine. Red pines are generally styled in the bunjin or literati styles and this example is no exception.

The interesting, exposed nebari and shape of the trunk could easily be finally shaped into a fine example of the style. Red pine needles are softer and thinner than the Japanese Black Pine making these trees appear a little less masculine and full, and perhaps less prickly to work with. If you need to read up a little more about caring for two needle pines then read these blog posts I have written on the subject.

With tremendous potential impossible to reproduce artificially, this collected Japanese red pine could become your pride and joy and star attraction at any national bonsai exhibition.

The tree is now potted in an unglazed ceramic container from Yixing, China larger than the one depicted in the photo's. This was done to allow the tree room in which to grow really strong.

This Japanese Red Pine was imported in 2015 from Takamatsu prefecture in Japan. It was collected from the neighboring mountains.

Approximate age:

45 years


Width: 460mm

Height: 480mm

Depth: 4300mm

Measurements exclude the container. 

Category: Pines