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Deroma Standard, 13cm

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For growing succulents, orchids, developing bonsai or more, these containers produced by Deroma in Italy are ideal.

These unglazed containers are of a high quality and fired to higher temperatures than cheaper alternatives. This means that the containers will not crack easily in especially cold conditions.

Although you may choose to use the plastic trays we offer for propagation, these clay containers are superior and rather than perish in the sun it will develop character with time. Not only is there a significant difference in the manner which plastic and fired clay transmit or lose moisture, but also in the degree of thermal insulation. With these ceramic containers the rise to daytime temperature and drop to nighttime is buffered or slower; with plastic containers these changes are rapid which stresses the plants more.


13cm x 11.5cm (height). 1L capacity each.

Fits 11cm saucer (8711)