Extra Heavy Duty Net Pots

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  • Bonsai: For rapid trunk and roots development of certain species such as Pinus.
  • Orchids: Promotes airflow around the roots preventing rotting.
  • Pond Lilies: For healthy pond plants.
  • Hydoponics: Ample drainage provides rapid exchange of liquid around the root zone.  


  1. Imported from the UK
  2. Ample drainage space.
  3. Rigid lip for added structural support.
  4. Fixing holes on lip
  5. Convenient size for a variety of plant sizes.

For bonsai growers

Colander + Fast draining growing medium + Lots of fertilizer + Lots of water = Accelerated tree development

For growing medium I would suggest the Professional Mix (LECAcombined with White Peat) and for fertilizer I would suggest our top selling organic BonsaiBoost. Alternatively akadama and pumice for the ultimate solution.

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