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Fabric grow bags

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Our handcrafted fabric grow bags are locally made by Freedom Farms. 

The breathable materials used to make these bags has a high porosity, which leads to improved root health and therefore nutrient uptake due to the maximized root zone aeration and drainage. Unlike conventional plastic containers, gaseous exchange not only occurs at the surface but through the sides as well.

When growing your plants in full sun, the high temperatures are buffered as a result of an evaporative cooling effect which occurs on the sides of the fabric pots.

As these fabric grow bags are breathable, roots are prevented from circling the interior of the container as they "self-prune."  The dramatically increases the density of vigorous root tips. Pot bound issues are retarded and as a result transplant shock is alleviated as plants require less frequent repotting.

Optimise the conditions of your root ball and your plants will reward you with greater performance and yield.

Why you should buy these bags?

  • 100% recyclable, durable geotextile fabric
  • Inert so nothing leaches from the fabric into your soil
  • Resistant to UV damage and general weathering.
  • Reuse your bag multiple times.
  • Machine washable, although hand washing is suggested.