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Handmade Patch Budding Knife, 2 blades

This Italian handmade grafting knife in solid walnut, is rather scarce and is crafted specifically for patch budding pecan and walnut trees.

Unique design

The unique double bladed design makes two cuts parallel to one another so that the patch which carries the bud or scion is precisely the same shape and size as the patch removed from the root stock it is intended for. This dramatically increases the likelihood of a successful graft while saving you time.

Built to last

The high carbon steel blades retain the sharpness of their cutting edges longer and have a spacing of 30mm. When not in use the blades easily fold away. The linings of this patch budding knife as well as the bark lifter are fashioned from solid brass. The knife has an overall size of 200mm and the cutting edges of the blades are 63mm long.