Japanese Black Pine



This is a good example of an informal upright Japanese Black Pine.

The tree is clearly mature with a very textured bark, adding much to the appearance of this tree's age. Branches are also aged as the textured bark extends all the way to the tips.

Ramification is good and well developed without long internodes, or sections of bare branches. This will make further development of the needle canopy much easier and eliminate the need for any grafting. Needle length has been reduced dramatically. You can read more about the techniques used in this blog I wrote on the subject.

Potted in a handmade, stamped and unglazed Tokoname pot of traditional design, this mature bonsai tree is only in need of some further wiring and perhaps two seasons for the canopy to fill out completely. If you are a little lacking in confidence with pines then I would recommend repotting the tree into a larger container.

This mature Japanese Black Pine was imported in 2016 from the Saitama Prefecture in Japan. Repotting should be done at the next seasonal opportunity.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 620mm

Depth: 550mm

Height: 600mm

A wooden crate is required for shipping. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.

Category: Pines