Japanese Black Pine



Another good example of an informal upright Japanese Black Pine, and in fact my favourite tree of this import. In this specimen we have the very desirable tortoise-shell like bark. The bark plates are several centimetres thick already which means that this is a rather old tree and it embodies much of the sense of reverence that we have for pines when we look at them in nature, growing wild.

The ramification is great and will provide much for the future owner to work with. This tree does not hold any resemblance to much of the pines commonly available in South Africa, where the branches are very leggy and growth sparse requiring plenty of grafting to achieve a tree of any value.

The appropriate use of applicable pine techniques will improve this tree even further with time. If you, like me, have a special place in your collection for pines and would like to know more about the techniques used to create these wonderful trees then be sure to read my many blogs on the subject. Here are a few.

Potted in a handmade, stamped and unglazed Tokoname pot, this mature bonsai tree is only in need of wiring to create order in the foliage pads. The ramification in the branches are already there and no grafting is needed.

This mature Japanese Black Pine was imported in 2016 from the Saitama Prefecture in Japan. Repotting should be done at the next seasonal opportunity.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 600mm

Depth: 540mm

Height: 550mm

A wooden crate is required for shipping. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.

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