Japanese Bonsai Cut Paste for Conifers, 160g


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If you want to control how scar tissue forms on your bonsai trees and more importantly; how they appear after healing is completed then you should strongly consider using this cut paste.

This Japanese cut paste, popular with all levels of bonsai artist, assists the tree's natural responses to injuries. A putty like sealant, it is used for sealing and preventing penetration of air to small and large cuts made during styling. To use, remove a small amount from the container and kneed briefly in your hand. Apply directly to the cut and flatten. Healing will take place beneath the layer of paste and once complete the paste will simply drop off.

There are 2 types of cut paste:

  1. All purpose or deciduous type, with no hormone as it is not necessary. (White lid)
  2. Cut paste for evergreens (junipers, pines etc), with hormone to promote faster healing. (Green lid)

A tub of this size will last you quite a long time unless you are doing many hundreds of large cuts. The shelf life of the product however is several years, provided it is kept in a cool spot out of direct sunlight, with the lid firmly attached of course.

This Japanese bonsai cut paste is a light grey colour and is perfect for use on all fast growing species of bonsai trees except conifers.

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