Japanese bonsai pot, 32 x 25 x 8cm


About this pot

This is a very old Japanese made pot. Although we have been unable to determine the artist, as there is no chop or signature on the bottom, the clay type and colour as well as the glaze indicates that this was made in Japan and not China. Judging from the incredible accumulation of patina on this pot it must be a minimum of 40 years old, many of those years being in use. There are numerous superficial chips off the bottom of the feet, as one would expect from such an old container however these are not visible when the pot is right side up. There are no other surface imperfections on the pot other than perhaps scuff marks on the patina. This pot is great value for the price, which is to some extent limited by the fact that we cannot identify the maker.






32 x 25 x 8cm



Category: Made in Japan, Tokoname