Japanese Maple "Shishigashira"


Japanese maples are synonymous with the bonsai culture. Unfortunately many of the varieties are really difficult to maintain at their peak in different parts of South Africa due to environmental factors. However this maple is hardy and you will not be saddened by leaf burn.

What makes the 'shishigashira' maple different to other maples is the leaf mainly. Rather than a delicate, flat leaf, the leaves of the Lion's Head or Lion's Mane are coarser and thicker as well as curled or crinkled up. This enables them to resist the typical leaf burn than affects most other Japanese maples.

They maintain their deep bottle green colour long into autumn, right through the summer even in the heat of the sun. In autumn you will be rewarded with beautiful reds, oranges and gold colours. As they tend to change to their autumn colour later than other maples you will have colour in your collection for much longer.

With interesting movement and a very pleasing open branch structure, this Lion's Head maple will fill out even more with time as the tree's ramification is improved by the new owner.

The nebari and trunk flare of this maple is not best appreciated from the current front of the tree, so on this point the new owner may also wish to make some changes.

The pot in which this maple is growing appears to be a Chinese, glazed container from Yixing. The shape and colour though are very complimentary to the tree and I would not suggest changing it although this is perhaps your decision to make.

As this tree was imported in March 2016, just as it was emerging from dormancy the leaves had not yet fully opened at the time the photographs were taken. If you are interested in this tree but would like updated photos, please contact me and I will email some to you in a couple days.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 380mm

Depth: 300mm

Height: 350mm

A reinforced carton is required for shipping due to the weight and size of this tree. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.