Japanese Red Pine


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Japanese red pines are commonly styled in the bunjin or literati style. When I saw this tree for sale at a nursery in Saitama, Japan I did not have to think long about purchasing it.

When one looks at the tree the first feature which jumps out at you is the trunkline which has a huge amount of energy pent up inside it. The curves are dramatic and expressive. The new owner will have a wonderful opportunity of refining this tree further and bringing more of this trees inherent artistic values out.

There are plenty of branches to work with and the ramification is perfect for this style of tree and the species. With the normal decandling and needle plucking techniques this tree can be refined very easily and wiring will neaten the overall appearance of the tree, which you can read more about in these blog posts.

The needles are thinner and softer than the Japanese black pine making these pines a little less prickly to work on, but just like the black pine the red pine does extremely well in South African climates.

The pot is a high quality grey, unglazed and with a slight surface texture. It is also fairly deep, which provides ample room for root development. The tree should most likely be repotted when the next seasonale opportunity presents itself, although the tree is currently under no stress.


Width: 550mm

Depth: 470mm

Height: 440mm

Measurements exclude the container. The display stand is not included.