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Japanese Red Pine

All tree purchases include 1hr of free training with me and future support is always available by purchasing it here.


Imported from Japan in May of 2019 this Japanese red pine or Akamatsu was selected for its elegant trunk with attractive textured bark, indicative of this trees age and adds to the value.

It has been styled in an informal upright or Moyogi style which is probably the most popular bonsai style internationally.

The needles of the Japanese red pine are more delicate than Black pine but harder than white pine, making them a very pleasing tree to work with.

Easy to care for, this two needled pine can be trained using the same techniques as the Japanese black pine. No effort has been made to reduce needle length yet as this is part of maintenance and design and as always every effort is made to provide the very best material with plenty of options for the new owner to create his or her tree of their dreams.

Approximate age

25 years


Width: 420mm

Depth: 320mm

Height: 400mm

Measurements exclude the container. Stand is not included in the sale.