Japanese White Pine



This grafted Japanese White Pine (Pinus pentaphylla) is a rare specimen for this price. Very often on grafted trees such as this the graft is quite obvious and sometimes a little unsightly. However the transition between black pine root base and white pine trunk is almost invisible. The taper of this fine tree is spectacular, starting from the well defined and uniformly spread nebari up into the apex. Another clue to this tree age is the deeply fissured bark which is slowly progressing up along the trunk and into the branching. Dense foliage pads give this white pine immense volume and presence for a tree of this size. White pines have 5 needles, unlike the Japanese red and black pines which only have two. This makes the tree appear much fuller in a shorter amount of time. Their needles are also the softest of the Japanese pines, hence they are known as feminine pines.

This is a very collectable tree which in the hands of its new owner could easily be the crowing joy of their collection and the talking point at exhibitions.

Potted in a ceramic bonsai container from the world famous Tokoname region.

This Japanese Miyajima Goyomatsu Japanese White Pine was imported in 2015 from Aichi prefecture in Japan.

Approximate age:

35 years


Width: 3700mm

Height: 3800mm

Depth: 3600mm

Measurements exclude the container. 

Category: Pines