Japanese White Pine


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This old grafted Japanese White Pine (Pinus pentaphylla) imported in 2015 is a very elegant tree with its slightly more slender, tapering trunkline. The needles of Japanese white pines or five needle pines, as they are also known, are also the softest of the Japanese pines, hence they are known as feminine pines. This feminine appearance is thus complemented by the trunk. However this is not a young tree. It is evident from the beautiful bark that this tree has long been cultivated as a bonsai in skilled hands. The already dense and ramified foliage pads give this white pine immense volume and presence for a tree of this size. It is also the fact that they have 5 needles in a cluster, rather than two, that results in these trees appearing full. The tree has been potted in a high quality unglazed container from Yixing, China.

Approximate age:

25 years


Width: 4600mm

Height: 4800mm

Depth: 4300mm

Measurements exclude the container. Stand is not included in the sale.

Category: Pines