Japanese White Pine



Japanese white pines have a very full appearance as they have 5 pairs of needles to every cluster instead of 2 pairs as in black and white pines. Not only are there more needles but they are also a lot softer and gentler to work on.

This specimen of a Japanese White Pine has a lot of movement and interest. The base of the trunk is extremely well developed with mature bark texture.

Styled in a Leaning Trunk Style (Get Charles Ceronio's book on bonsai styles of the world here) this white pines movement is very interesting as the eye travels up the trunk from the immense base and into the apex.

The tree has numerous branches, each with finer branching. There is no need for any grafting on this tree and all that is really required is actually some wire to bring some more order to the canopy which when wired properly will create a very dramatic impression on any viewer.

White pines of this quality are rare in South Africa and you now have the opportunity to own one which has undoubtedly seen many years of development in Japan.

The container in which this tree is planted is gorgeous. Its a drum styled Japanese pot from the Tokoname region, which is famous the world over for it's high quality bonsai ceramics. 

It would be my suggestion that this tree be repotted at the next available opportunity as the root ball has already become quite full and would appreciate a new, loose growing medium.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 550mm

Depth: 540mm

Height: 470mm

A reinforced carton is required for shipping due to the weight and size of this tree. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.

Category: Pines