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Japanese White Pine

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This old grafted Japanese White Pine (Pinus pentaphylla)or Miyajima Goyomatsu imported in 2019 from Kinashi bonsai village in Japan is a very powerful medium sized tree

It has a very interesting trunk with powerful movement at the base. This field grown tree offers the new owner plenty of styling options as there are many branches to choose from and create the tree of your dreams. Unlike cheaper, mass produced stock this tree has very dense ramification with short internodes and as such no grafting will be required for improvement.  

The needles of Japanese white pines or five needle pines, as they are also known, are also the softest of the Japanese pines, hence they are known as feminine pines. That this species has 5 needles in a cluster, rather than two, results in these trees appearing full and thus visually dense trees can be achieved rather quickly.

The graft between Japanese black pine rootstock and Japanese white pine trunk has been done extremely well with a very smooth transition. The trunk has also begun to show signs of age with the bark having already started developing texture.

Approximate age:

25 years


Width: 450mm

Height: 430mm

Depth: 380mm

Measurements exclude the container. Stand is not included in the sale.