Japanese White Pine, Miyajima Goyomatsu



The needles of Japanese white pines or five needle pines, as they are also known, are also the softest of the Japanese pines, hence they are known as feminine pines. That this species has 5 needles in a cluster, rather than two, results in these trees appearing full and thus visually dense trees can be achieved rather quickly. 

Why you should buy these trees

These container grown tree offers the new owners plenty of styling options as there are many branches to choose from and you will be able to create the tree of your dreams. The grafts are all well done and in time the trunk will bark up even more. At these prices you cannot pass up this opportunity to get a piece of Japanese bonsai.

The coiling wire marks on the portion of trunk which is black pine, is a very common technique used to fatten the trunk quicker. These marks will fade over time, as the fissured bark covers any remaining evidence.