Japanese Zelkova



In Charles Ceronio's book the classic bonsai style, the Broom style is discussed (Purchase this excellent book here).  This style was based on the Japanese Zelkova, the species which is now available to a new owner.

There are several features which are of paramount importance when cultivating a bonsai in the Broom Style. One of them is the nebari. In the Broom style, more so than perhaps any bonsai style, all the roots must emerge at the same level. Not only that, but they must also radiate in all directions from the base of the trunk. This gives the appearance of solidity or that the tree is firmly grasping the ground. This trees nebari is excellent and is true to the style's standard.

Trunks in the broom style are not necessarily tapered like most other styles but they do need to be as straight as a pole. This tree once again does not deviate from this and has a wonderfully aged trunk, evident from the flaking bark.

Then the manner in which the branches grow into the canopy from the trunk is very important. It is also rather challenging to execute well without residual scarring. There is no obvious intervention visible of mankind in this tree, and an absence of scarring is evident.

The foundation of the branch structure is excellent and completed. It would appear as though the previous owner simply wired the branches again to set them in the current positions, but in a couple months this wire can be removed.

This is a very elegant tree, a style which is best shown in winter so the fine ramification can best be appreciated. When in leaf all these branches are hidden.

Not only does the tree present a wonderful opportunity for a collector to own a bonsai tree in the classic broom style, the cream glazed pot which it has recently been potted into is a artist quality, handmade pot from the Reiho kiln, famous bonsai ceramic kiln in the Tokoname region of Japan.

This tree was recently repotted so this will not be necessary for at least a few years. It was imported from the Saitama region of Japan in March 2016.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 360mm

Depth: 350mm

Height: 480mm

A reinforced carton is required for shipping due to the weight and size of this tree. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.

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