Juniper 'Itoigawa'



Junipers are one of the most suitable plant species for bonsai cultivation. Japanese bonsai professionals have invented and perfected cultivation techniques for growing these trees over centuries. Today you have the opportunity to own one of these special trees. 

There are many different juniper species found across the world, but one of the most desirable foliage types is known in Japanese as 'Itoigawa.' The reason it is so sought after is due to its natural growth pattern which is very compact. The foliage is a very pleasant green color. When pruned harshly many junipers will respond with juvenile scale like foliage. The 'Itoigawa' foliage type does not readily do this, making styling and maintenance easier.

This particular tree has a wonderfully interesting trunk, which coils many times along its length. The shari, or deadwood features, have been created many years ago as there are no signs of such work recently being done. Recently styled at the well known Aichi-En, this tree is almost complete. Its new owner merely has to develop the lower foliage pad a little more and then maintenance will be all that's required for the immediate future.

Potted in a handmade, stamped ceramic bonsai container from the world famous Tokoname region.

This Chinese juniper 'Itoigawa' was imported in 2015 from Aichi prefecture in Japan.

Approximate age:

25 years


Width: 340mm

Height: 220mm

Depth: 310mm

Measurements exclude the container.