Juniper "itoigawa"



Bonsai artists all over the world love junipers. Beautiful trees can be created from rough stock in only hours, some might call it instant bonsai! This tree has been field grown probably for a minimum of 20 odd years during which techniques were applied that created this very interesting, coiling trunkline which snakes up into the canopy. I especially love the separation and definition of the highly developed live vein, which once again is testament to the skill of the professional you cultivated this tree and to its age.

One can also make a lot of fuss over this tree's foliage which is 'itoigawa' type. It has a very compact growing habit making trees appear very full. It does not readily produce juvenile scale like foliage and the very pleasing green colour is also highly attractive.

Trees such as this one have become popular all over the world, however growers with the skill to develop trees like this are vanishing. As demand increases and supply dwindles, the value of these trees has increased substantially. At this price this tree is worth every cent and will only increase in value.

The new owner will have many branches to choose from and style the tree with. The tree is actually currently rather top heavy but this is part of the attraction of this tree; it is brilliant, mature stock with which to style your way.

The unglazed bonsai container which this Itoigawa juniper is planted in is a very good quality Japanese, Tokoname pot and has lots of great patina. It may need to be repotted in the next year or so.

Imported from Japan in March 2016, from the Saitama area.


(Measurements exclude the container)

Width: 360mm

Depth: 310mm

Height: 300mm

A small reinforced carton is required for shipping due to the weight and size of this tree. This is included in the shipping price.

The display stand and coke tin, used for scale, is not included.

Category: Juniper