Juniper 'Kishu'



Junipers are one of the most suitable plant species for bonsai cultivation and especially so for shohin sized trees. As collected specimens are now extremely rare and costly Japanese bonsai professionals have invented and perfected cultivation techniques for growing these trees over centuries. Today you are afforded the opportunity to own one of these compact, powerful trees. 

Of the many species available internationally, 'kishu' foliage is one of the most desirable foliage types. Not quite as refined as 'Itoigawa' 'kishu' foliage has a naturally compact growth pattern. The foliage is a very pleasant deep green color. Many junipers will respond with juvenile scale like foliage when harshly pruned but the 'kishu' variety is less inclined to do this. The result is that less care needs to be taken when styling and maintenance becomes easier.

This example has an exceptional trunk, with many coils along its length. Alongside the shari, or deadwood feature, a very pronounced live vein gives character. If being readied for an exhibition the live veins of this species can be cleaned and polished to a very pleasant red color. Recently styled at the well known Aichi-En, this tree is almost complete. Its new owner may wish to alter the angle of the front slightly but aside from that there is plenty of foliage to work with and wire.

If you are a lover of small, or shohin sized trees, you will fall in love with this tree the moment you see it.

Potted in a handmade, stamped ceramic bonsai container from the world famous Tokoname region.

This Chinese juniper 'kishu' was imported in 2015 from Aichi prefecture in Japan.

Approximate age:

20 years


Width: 320mm

Height: 190mm

Depth: 260mm

Measurements exclude the container.