Juniper "Shimpaku" Kishu

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Junipers are one of the most suitable plant species for bonsai cultivation. Japanese bonsai professionals have invented and perfected cultivation techniques for growing these trees over centuries. Today you have the opportunity to own one of these special trees. 

There are many different juniper or "Shimpaku" species found across the world. This Kishu foliage type is a very attractive adult scale foliage which is erect (as opposed to limp) and is compact and bushy (as opposed to leggy and flat or sparse). This makes it possible to create very high quality bonsai due to the dense, ramified appearance of these trees.

Why buy these trees?

These particular trees have been grown for many years by Japanese nurseryman. They have extremely interesting trunks, coiling and changing direction many times along their length. They have many branches in very usable points along the trunks.

The new owners of these trees are provided the rare opportunity of a blank slate on which to create an incredible bonsai tree. Wire your structural branches, create your foliage pads, establish your live and dead wood.

These Shimpaku were imported in 2021 from Japan. Each one is potted as depicted in the photo's.